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Dual Occupancy Forest Hill

Friday, April 01, 2016
If you were looking at developing your land into a dual Occupancy or building two or three townhouses wouldn’t you prefer to talk to a builder instead of salesperson?  At Berstan Homes you talk to registered building practitioners helping you achieve the best quality and most profitable project possible. By bringing qualified and experienced professionals you will get your information straight away, saving you valuable time and money.
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Builder Glen Waverley

Thursday, March 31, 2016
Berstan Homes is a Melbourne based home building company offering solutions and designs to suit any shaped or size block, with the ultimate quality result at the end of the process your dream home.  Berstan Homes unlike most builders offer a complete service with designing, engineering and construction. Berstan will handle all planning and council requirements leaving you to do what you do best and not needing to deal with the numerous complexities of the whole process.
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Dual Occupancy Pascoe Vale

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
When you undertake a unit/townhouse or dual occupancy project you virtually become a property developer and this is where Berstan Homes can help from conception to completion.  Berstan Homes can offer experienced team members to guide you through the whole process making it easy and stress free. Many old home and land sites in Pascoe Vale are very well suited to dual occupancy with plenty of buyer inquiry if you decided to sell one or both of the properties.
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Dual Occupancy Mont Albert

Thursday, March 24, 2016
Are you fed up with your old home and love where you live? Do you want to do something about it?  Why not build a dual occupancy and this way you will have a brand new home and a second for sale or a passive income. Berstan Homes are the experts in residential construction with a full team of professional consultants and are able to bring your project to reality. Call Berstan Homes today and talk to a building practitioner
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Knockdown rebuild costs Melbourne

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Last week I was talking to some potential clients for our company and I was interested in hearing about the costs they were looking at for an extension of their existing home. They had been quoted by several leading Melbourne building companies specializing in extensions and the estimates ranged between $390 - $460k. The scope of the works is as follows: Ground floor required several walls to be demolished and the inclusion of some steel work the brief also included
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Retirees Ripped Off

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
I was with some clients last week and they were discussing how one of their parents had just purchased a home in a retirement village. The costs were ridiculously high for the property they purchased. The cost was $700,000 for a 10 square home with a carport for one vehicle with management fees every week on top of the $700,000. The rip off doesn't end there, the monthly fees like body corporate fees in a normal strata title unit, the
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Dual Occupancy Lower Templestowe

Monday, March 21, 2016
Dreaming about ways of getting a passive income the solution might be simpler than you think. Have you considered building a home at the rear of your existing home or even a knock down rebuild and new build a dual occupancy? You would get two new homes with a rental income or sale option. Call the Berstan Homes team today for more information.
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Custom home building 3

Friday, March 18, 2016
Vacant land in the inner suburbs and surrounds of Melbourne is virtually nonexistent; it is this scarcity combined with the strong demand for property in these inner suburbs that has seen the emergence of the ‘knock down rebuild’ phenomenon.  Melbourne based home building company Berstan Homes have solutions and designs to suit any shaped or size block, as well as a large range of facades. Doing a knockdown rebuild gives you the flexibility to still live in a modern home
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Dual Occupancy Doncaster

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Owners of land in Doncaster could be sitting on gold mine. You may not know it, but the land your house sits on could be used for many financial solutions. By simply selling your land you may not realise the full financial potential for yourself. There are two well-known ways of capitalizing on your land value. Building a new home in the back yard or build a dual occupancy home. Berstan Homes are expert builders with a team of professionals
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Hazelcroft Estate Doreen

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Hazelcroft estate is a boutique estate situated within easy walking distance to one of the best Victorian schools Ivanhoe Grammar. The estate offers large open space areas and a central park with very child friendly play equipment.  The central park also offers full BBQ facilities with the appropriate seating and shade. AV Jennings as a premier property developer in Victoria since 1932, and started by Albert Victor Jennings. Albert Victor Jennings was 35 when he started the company and built
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Feature tiles

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Many home owners make the common mistake of not using a feature tile in their wet areas and the results are in most cases disappointing. By the inclusion of a strip feature tile it makes the walls come to life and adds interest in what could be a very boring room.
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Custom Home builder melbourne

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
So you have decided to consider a custom home builder and wondering where to start. There is a large range of styles, looks and so many quality products from impressive brand names, let Berstan Homes help you put it all together.  Step one with Berstan Homes is to come and browse all the options available to you at our display centre. Once you have seen our display homes, I always advise our clients to make a list of must haves.
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Dual Occupancy Mitcham

Monday, March 14, 2016
With land prices at a premium in the Mitcham area it makes sense to consider a dual occupancy development and this is where Berstan Homes can be of service. Berstan Homes have a team of qualified and experienced experts able to design, plan, build and sub-divide your land for a maximum return on your investment. Contact Berstan Homes today for free information on the suitability of your land.
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Eucalypt Estate Stockland

Sunday, March 13, 2016
Land sales are destined to be completed by November 2016 with demand exceeding supply. This outstandingly popular estate by Stockland is typical of the community styled living environments created by Australia’s number one property developer.  Berstan Homes are a proud builder partner with Stockland and are actively building numerous homes around their Victorian estates. Berstan Homes currently have 35 homes under construction in these estates and have a similar number of homes pre sold for a build start in the next
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Builder Forest Hill

Saturday, March 12, 2016
Forest Hill is said to derive from the name of a cottage owned by early settler Captain Bunbury and is descriptive of the district's original bushland setting.  With most homes in Forest Hill approaching 60 years plus in age it means most home owners will have major problems arising, the main being the maintenance costs are excessive and ongoing. Another is the energy rating are poor to say the least and because the rating are so low just running these
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Knock down rebuild Melbourne

Friday, March 11, 2016
Where and how to start a knock down rebuild? At Berstan Homes our knock down rebuild process starts with a face to face meeting with a registered building practitioner. If you are considering a knock down rebuild on your property or even contemplating buying a property with the intention of a knock down rebuild it will pay you to deal with experts. Berstan Homes have a complete team of professionals able to make the whole process easy.
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Interior Design Tips

Thursday, March 10, 2016
A great way to bring your room to life is the addition of some framed prints and the secret is to add similar colours through your cushions or maybe a throw.  By adding some smaller items of matching colours will bring the room together and create a winner.
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Corinthian Doors for Berstan

Wednesday, March 09, 2016
As Australia's largest timber door manufacturer, Corinthian has taken its famous brand around the world, securing an international reputation for quality, innovation and design. Corinthian is now part of the JELD-WEN family, the world's largest supplier of timber doors and windows. Established in 1942, Corinthian has showrooms and manufacturing facilities in all mainland Australian State capitals. Its major manufacturing facility occupies a 4.5 hectare site at St Marys in Sydney's west. Corinthian has worked hard and long, since its foundation
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Home Office Space

Tuesday, March 08, 2016
If you are lucky enough to work from home some days it’s important to have the right environment. By placing your desk near a window is a great start and an easy way of creating a healthy home office. Natural light is also very important for a positive office feel
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New Home Builder Berstan Homes

Monday, March 07, 2016
Choosing a builder and building a new home is not just something you should rush into there are many questions that need to be answered, here are just a few: How long has the builder been building homes? Have the building company got display homes that you can inspect. Will you be dealing with the building practioner or just the sales staff? Who will be doing the designing? Who will check for the building to comply with the residential code?
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Timber laminate flooring

Saturday, March 05, 2016
As a standard floor covering feature in our homes we use the Parador range from Germany and are finding this more popular than ever, a modern alternative to real wood and that can be used in place of timber hardwood floors the Parador is supplied and installed by Carpet Call.   read more...   Parador have emerged over the last 5-10 years as a real global player in the market.  They work extremely hard to deliver real quality which is all
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Wine Racks

Friday, March 04, 2016
With many clients and Australians in general enjoying a bottle of wine, it’s becoming an often asked question can we have a wine rack incorporated in our kitchen design? A great area for a wine rack can be located above the fridge and space saving being able to store 7 bottles comfortably. Being above the fridge is also a great space high enough away from little ones.
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Gainsborough handles

Thursday, March 03, 2016
An Australian company, Gainsborough has achieved a pre-eminent position in the world market for more than 30 years, supplying first class porcelain and decorative door furniture and developing a succession of innovative products that have attained new levels of excellence in design, functionality, and durability. Berstan Homes are very proud to support Gainsborough with around 70% of our projects using their products.
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Vaulted ceilings

Wednesday, March 02, 2016
There's no doubt that vaulted ceilings can make a room look larger than it really is, they can also create a light and airy space. Having a vaulted ceiling is well worth contemplating and cost effective and create a great look.
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Builder Ivanhoe

Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Being born in Ivanhoe helps builder Mark Bryson and his family with local knowledge of the Ivanhoe area. Mark and brother Paul were both born in the Airlie hospital Ivanhoe in the 1960s and it’s great to see the Airlie still standing.  Our family home was located in Locksley Road and the Bryson family spent many good years in that old home, until moving to the Eastern suburbs.When we lived in Ivanhoe there was a shortage of young families in
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Dual Occupancy Ringwood

Monday, February 29, 2016
Most home owners feel that the regulations, and processes involved with dual occupancy were all alien to them and with little assistance available many decide it’s too hard and don’t bother. Berstan Homes are able advice and take care of every aspect of the dual occupancy. Who needs the headache of dealing with councils and planning matters when a company like Berstan Homes can do the entire project. We believe that too many people are missing out on the biggest
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Carpet Underlay

Monday, February 29, 2016
Many of our clients ask what type of underlay we use on our home builds. We have been using Dunlop Luxury plus underlay for years with great success without a single complaint for our clients. The Dunlop Luxury Plus underlay in a superior product to most on the market and comes standard in all ranges of our homes.
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Dual Occupancy Surrey Hills

Saturday, February 27, 2016
If you’re considering developing a residential project you will need a fully professional team of experts to work with. Berstan Homes are the perfect group of professionals and will bring this professionalism and expertise to the table for your next project.  Berstan Homes specialize in dual occupancy, townhouse and knock down rebuilds in Surrey Hills and the surrounding suburbs.
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Water meter thieves

Friday, February 26, 2016
Last year we had some issues on our projects with water meter thieving. Would you believe somebody would steel a water meter? There is about 3 dollars of brass in them and what an inconvenience it causes to everyone. We were building in one particular estate and they stole every meter in the Street costing every builder a small fortune. The trades are also disadvantaged with not having any water costing them time and money. I saw an interesting way
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The Santorini25

Thursday, February 25, 2016
A commercial size kitchen makes the Santorini25 by Berstan Homes stand out from the rest. The kitchen has a huge island bench with easy open plan living dining leading to the covered alfresco area for year round entertaining.  A centrally designed lounge leaves an area for quiet time. The four bedrooms are generous size and all have ample cupboard space built in. The Santorini25 would suit a lot size 14.5 w x 30m.
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