Cost cutting home builders

Mark Bryson - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We currently have several sites in the north where I am very concerned about what's happening with foundations. T
he builders on either side of our home builds are not putting any bore piers in and it is clearly a filled site of 0.900 mm plus. 

By not putting in a structural support for the slab it will fail over time. In both cases the builders are sub-contracting to marketing companies. For everyone who is not familiar with this practice it's when a marketing company sells itself as a building company and then sub-contracts the building works to a third party. The marketing company charges the sub-contractor around $12-$15 k for the building job and then the builder tries to make a little money from the build. This is where the problems begin as the building sub-contractor needs to cut corners to make a wage from the building works.