Community Award for Beryl Bryson

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Berstan Homes Co-founder Beryl Bryson has been awarded an Appreciation Award for her 30 years of community work within the Doncaster district. Beryl was presented her award at the Doncaster police station in a special ceremony recently.

Beryl has been a member of the Manningham Neighbourhood Watch group for the past thirty years, and has faithfully delivered the group’s newsletter every second month to all the houses involved.

She said when the group was first formed, residents paid $5 to join which allowed them the use of an invisible pen to mark their belongings. In those early days, Beryl used to knock on doors and encourage residents to join up.Beryl has attended many meetings over the years, but never had time to join the committee, as she was running a business and raising three children.

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Ian Morris said if the 40 Manningham volunteers over 30 years had collectively walked 14,000 kilometres, the equivalent of walking from Melbourne to Athens.

Despite being many years past the retirement age, Beryl is still actively involved in Berstan Homes, which was started more than 50 years ago by her and her husband Stan.

Their sons Mark and Paul, are now running the company, but Beryl still goes into the office two to three days a week, as well as being available after hours if her sons need any information.

Right throughout their years in the business Beryl has helped with the company’s administration as she had previous experience in that area. Now with two office staff, Beryl’s role has reduced but she said the work keeps her brain active.

Pictured is Manningham Neighbourhood Watch chairman, Geoff Kloot, (left) with Beryl and Inspector Geoff Darlison, local area commander of Manningham Police Service Area.