Knock down rebuild Essendon solution

Mark Bryson - Thursday, September 11, 2014

As our population gets older, people are looking for housing solution for the older members of their family and duel occupancy is definitely an option worth considering. 

A client came to me some 12 months ago with a common situation my client's mother was living in a large home and maintenance of the home was becoming an increasing problem at her age. The home was a double story and way too large for a single person and the stairs were a huge issue. 

The land our client had was around 730 m/2 and on a corner so we were able to develop an perfect knockdown rebuild. It involved designing a 26 s/q double story home for my client and an attached 17 s/q single story unit for her mother. 

The council gave us the go ahead 6 months after our application and we demolished the old home and construction is now under way. This knockdown rebuild solution has enabled my client's mother to have a brand new home and to be close enough to her family for any supported required. The total cost for this knockdown rebuild in Essendon will be covered from the sale of my client's mothers home, so it's a win win situation.