What is waffle pod?

Mark Bryson - Monday, September 08, 2014

A waffle pod is a polystyrene mould which comes in several sizes and all are x 1.090mm.

175mm for an A class slab
225mm for an S class slab
300mm for an M class slab
375mm for an H class slab

The waffle pod takes the part of form work to help internal beams in the slab. With a conventional raft slab you would need to form the pads up out of packing clay and consider excavation between the pads. With using waffle pods there is no need to excavate between the pods as they are positioned above the ground. The only excavation required is to the edge beams or supporting piers. 

Ultimately the waffle pod system is faster to assemble and more cost effective, also a lot less disturbing of the earth on site.